The ISWA provides a program for Pee-Wee-Veteran age divisions. Membership and insurance for all wrestlers and clubs will be provided through the state association by USA Wrestling. A USA Wrestling competitor memberships affords our wrestlers the opportunity to participate in all our scheduled tournaments as well as all USA Wrestling sanctioned events throughout the United States.

All USA Wrestling Membership cards must now be purchased online. Go to  Note: It is good practice to carry a copy of proof of birth with you when competing at any tournament in case proof of birth is requested.

Competitor Membership Cards Pee-Wee through Junior = $40.00. Please visit to purchase your membership.

Open License = $55.00 – USA Wrestling is now requiring all University, Senior and Veteran age divisions to purchase an “Open License” membership.  The price increase is due to the growing number of insurance claims, paid by USA’s insurer, for major injuries incurred by wrestlers in these age divisions.  Please visit to purchase your membership. 

2016/2017 Age Division:

 2017 Age Divisions Mens

2017 Age Division Womens

Pee-Wee, Bantam, Intermediate, Novice, and Schoolboy/girl wrestlers CAN NOT move up an age group. Cadet wrestlers who are enrolled in grades 9-12 may wrestle in the Junior Division. A Junior Division athlete shall be considered to compete in Junior Division competitions if he/she was born 9/1/1997 or after and is currently attending high school, or participating in a program considered by the State’s Department of Education to be fulfilling the athlete’s requirements for graduation from an accredited high school program. In addition, the athlete has only four consecutive years to compete in the Junior Division once his class begins ninth grade.” Senior age group wrestlers CAN NOT move up to Veteran age group.Veteran age division wrestlers may move down to the Senior age group.


The 2016/2017 USAW Membership for next season is now open.   Please make sure your email is current along with any changes in your mailing address as the ISWA publication will be mailed from that listed address.  New members will create an account at  After creating an account for a new member age verification is required.  This verification will allow members to remove “pending” on USAW card and avoid carrying birth certificates at registration at tournaments.  Simply email or fax a copy of a birth certificate or state ID/Drivers License.  The ISWA fax number is (317)783-4336 or scan and email to [email protected]