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Team Indiana/Nationals

2018 Heartland Duals Wrestle-Off's

February 25th, 2018 Wrestle-Off's Heartland Duals Team Indiana Warren Central HS Door #14 (317)780-1885

Heartland Elementary Duals

2018  Team Indiana Trip

* Please contact the ISWA Folkstyle Developmental Director Ryan Parrish with any questions or concerns (317) 213-8598.

*If a wrestler makes the team, they must pay the total team cost of $210 at the wrestle offs.  Cost includes team gear and entry fee only. All wrestlers will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging for the 2018 Heartland Duals in Council Bluffs, IA on

Team Indiana Coaches Selection Process

Coaches selection criteria - items for selection are considered but not limited to:

-regular rtc involvement- are you working your local one?,

- local wrestling involvement, 

-Iswa state finals coaching involvement (minimum be present)

-coaches pursuit of education (clinics,Certifications)

-prior trip involvement in Indiana National Teams

-involvement of your own club 

-Passion and dedication to kids and wrestling

The higher the level the trip, the more emphasis on each item.  

Coaches are to work their way up through the system- kids trips, duals trips, Fargo, international - the ISWA reserves the right to use the need of a coach to work them faster through the system.

Once a coach is selected, some of the expectations of the position are as follows but not limited to:

-once selected coaches are to attend all pertaining state finals events. 

-coaches must attend and help pertinent camps - this includes all coaching activities such as running practices, supervising sleeping quarters, and all things asked by the team leader

-coaches will help recruit the trips

-travel to and from the events working as a part of the staff with the entire team supervision and coaching processes

-coaches will follow all expectations personal expectation set in the ISWA Coaches Code of Conduct (signed at each ISWA state finals event to receive wristband)

*Post trip - Coaches will be evaluated post trip by the team leader and state coaches director, as well as a self eval to be turned in

Interested in coaching Team Indiana?

Coaches must hold a current USAW Coaches Membership and a completed background check.  Applicants must also have minimum Bronze certification.  Next contact Danny Struck, ISWA State Coach for availability.  Lastly complete coaches application below.  Questions call (812)786-2308.

2018 Team Leaders

Heartland Elementary Duals Ryan Parrish (317) 213-8598
Heartland Middle School Duals Jason Miller (219)730-9489
Schoolboy Duals Steven Livingston (317)821-4878
Junior Duals Alex Jospeh (303)875-9330
Cadet Duals Cory Grahm (317)908-2248
Fargo Nationals Juniors Brady Eppert (317)440-5504
Fargo Nationals Cadets Jake O'Neil (317)372-2992
Fargo Nationals Womens Thomas Johnson (317) 289-2140

2018 Team Indiana Junior Dual's Selection Process

The Junior National Team will be selected by a committee of coaches using the point system below. 

A. UWW Jr World Champion - 5pts 

B.  Jr World Champion - 5 pts 

C. UWW Jr National Champion - 5 pts 

D. Cadet/UWW Cadet National Champion - 4 pts

E. UWW Jr World Place Winner - 3 pts 

F. Jr National Place Winner - 3 pts 

G. UWW Jr National Place Winner - 3pts 

H. UWW Jr. World Team Member - 2 pts 

I. Cadet/UWW Cadet National Place Winner-2 pts

J. Current Year Jr. Regional Champion - 1 pt 

K. ISWA State Champion in each style 

2018 Team Indiana Trips

More information will become available for the following Team Indiana Trips.  2018 Fargo Cadet & Junior Nationals, 2018 Jr & Cadet Duals, 2018 Schoolboy Duals.