Tournament Information Files



The following guidelines apply to Out-of-State wrestlers desiring to participate in ISWA scheduled tournaments:

  • An out of state wrestler must have a USAW Competitors membership card to participate.
  • If they do not have one they must purchase online at
  • The cost of the cards will be the same as they are for Indiana residents: $40.00.
  • All ISWA State Finals are closed to out-of-state wrestlers. Indiana residents only are allowed to compete.
  • Many tournaments charge an extra fee for all USAW Competitor’s cards purchased at their event. This applies to all wrestlers.

Any athlete, coach or club who violates this policy may be charged with fraud under the Rules of Disciplinary Procedures of the ISWA By-Laws which states the following:

Fraud: Is the falsification of the truth for the purpose of participation in any competition, or exercise in any sport wherein the athlete, coach, manager or other person has acted with deceit, or is guilty of misrepresentation, or concealment, or a misstatement of fact or intention. Persons who knowingly violate the rules are subject to suspension as stated in the By-Laws.