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Attention Cadet and Junior Women Wrestlers in High School!  Please take a moment and read the following letter in regards to Fargo Nationals/Team Indiana: Womens Cadet.Jr Fargo 2017 Intent Letter

Welcome to Indiana Women’s Wrestling!!!!
The ISWA is very proud to announce a Women’s Division in the following tournaments. Please continue competing, improving your wrestling skills and attend these tournaments. The ISWA is very committed to promoting women’s wrestling and as we learn about more tournaments with Women’s Divisions we will continue to keep you informed.
2017 Tournaments with a Women’s Division:
April 28-30th          Franklin Community Ironman
April 30th                Penn Folkstyle/Freestyle

Please contact ISWA Women’s Director for more WOMENS/GIRLS Wrestling opportunities: Tom Dolly by email at [email protected]

Women’s Wrestling Letter from ISWA Women’s Director

Congratulations Letter to Girls from State Chairman, Louis Rosbottom: Letter Girls State Wrestling Tournament

This years 2017 ISWA Folkstyle State finals and Freestyle State Finals will include Girls/Women’s Wrestling!
A girls division championship singlet will be awarded for the 2017 ISWA Freestyle State Finals along with a free t-shirt. The champions will be fitted for their singlet and mailed 2-3 weeks after.

Womens Singlet 2017

ISWA State Tournament Flyers:  2017-Folkstyle-State-Finals & 2017 Freestyle and Greco-Roman State Finals

Folkstyle State & Freestyle State will include the following age divisions and weight classes: : 2017 Age Division Womens

USAW Links for Women’s Wrestling:

Camp Info Links:


Girls National Tournament Links: 

Girls Folkstyle National Championships, Junior Women’s Folkstyle Duals, and University Women’s Nationals:


Freestyle Nationals Girls Championships May 19-21 in Irving, Texas: http://usawevents.sportngin.com/wmnationals

Adidas National Wrestling Championships: http://adidaswrestlingnationals.com/

2016-2017 USA Wrestling Updates for Women’s Wrestling

Click here for: 2017 Age Division Womens

  1. Number of weight classes for Cadet & Junior girls divisions
    1. Junior: 100, 106, 112, 117, 122, 127, 132, 138, 144, 152, 164, 180, 200, 225
    2. Cadet: 94, 100, 106, 112, 117, 122, 127, 132, 138, 144, 152, 164, 180, 200
  1. Singlet color – proposal to allow the following for regional and national championships beginning in 2017
  • The dominant color of blue singlets shall be comprised of one of the following: black, blue, green, grey, purple or silver.
  • The dominant color of red singlets shall be comprised of one of the following: white, orange, pink, red, yellow, brown or gold.
  • All state singlets shall have a total of three (3) markings consisting of:
    • Two 7 cm bands, one on each leg, shall be positioned across the bottom edge of the leg.  For clear distinction, the marking shall cover the circumference of the leg.
    • One 7 cm band positioned on the backside of the upper torso.  The band shall be exclusively placed on the back half of the singlet (not visible on the front half).
  • The three markings must remain untouched from any graphic, logo or third party identification.
  • The red markings shall be Pantone 2347C and blue markings shall be Pantone 299C.


 Interest has been growing steadily in women’s wrestling in Indiana over the past several years with this year being no exception.  We are making important improvements to our women’s events, opportunities, and overall outlook to allow for more young women to enter the sport.  Once we get them involved in the sport at a young age, the most important item is to keep them involved and competing in wrestling throughout high school and into college.

Our ISWA Women’s State Tournaments have both been streamlined in reducing the number of age groups and weight classes to allow for more competitive tournaments.  Team competition is an area that will continue to expand in the years to come.  Having a group of women wrestlers in a club or team will contribute to them wanting to stay involved and competing throughout high school. 

 Getting the word out for women’s wrestling and the importance of attending all of our Indiana events and national team events is an ongoing effort.  We continue to have really strong women wrestlers coming up through the age groups and our current Indiana representatives are making a name for themselves in Junior and Senior Level events, both nationally and internationally.

 We will continue to do everything we can to assist any women wrestler to reach her goal.  It is very hard work to compete with boys throughout the year, but the payoff is when you get to compete against other women at the state, national, and international levels.

Indiana High School Girls Wrestling 

For more information about Indiana High School Girls Wrestling visit this website: www.ihsgw.com