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USAW Membership

The 2023/2023 season membership is open! Visit: to purchase your Wrestling Leader Membership or Athlete Membership.

Next follow these steps:

1. Create Free Account with email and password.  

2. Create a profile.  If athlete is under the age of 13 yrs an adult is required to create a profile and manage his/her membership.  The adult must also create a free profile and then create a profile for the minor.  

*If a returning member has claimed a profile or a profile has been claimed by another individual please contact the ISWA office to remove a claimed profile be emailing


To renew any memberships under your profile go to Manage and Membership.  Search profile and select membership type.  NEW-Athletes 17 years and older are required to complete Safe Sport before purchasing.  

Please make sure your email is current along with any changes in your mailing address as the ISWA publication will be mailed from that listed address. Also confirm your email address is correct in profile as email communications to members are also utilized,

New Athlete Members are required to verify age with a copy of one of the following items: Health Department Birth Certificate, Passport or current drivers license.  Simply email an image or file to


USAW Membership

Click here for USAW Membership

Athlete Membership

The ISWA provides a program for Pee-Wee thru Veteran age divisions. Membership and insurance for all wrestlers and clubs will be provided through the state association by USA Wrestling. A USA Wrestling competitor memberships affords our wrestlers the opportunity to participate in all our scheduled tournaments as well as all USA Wrestling sanctioned events throughout the United States.

All athletes competing in all ISWA state tournaments must have pending removed before competition.  

Competitor Membership Cards 6U Pee Wee through Junior = $40.00 

Open License = $65.00 – USA Wrestling is now requiring all University, Senior and Veteran age divisions to purchase an “Open License” membership.  The price increase is due to the growing number of insurance claims, paid by USA’s insurer, for major injuries incurred by wrestlers in these age divisions.   

High Performance Membership =$110