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Freestyle Greco Style Wrestling

Freestyle & Greco Wrestling Olympic Styles

1)  Regional Training Centers - Indiana's RTCs are one of the most effective and efficient ways to get acclimated to the Olympic styles as well as train with high quality competition.  Each site features more quality training, coaches and partners than a typical room and are open to all USAW members in middle school and up.  These RTCs are also designed to help prepare Indiana wrestlers interested in competing on the national level an opportunity to receive fundamental training and synergy for Indiana's National Team.  If you are looking for additional training in these styles, please visit an RTC location close to you.  Times and locations can be found HERE.

This week's agenda for the state will be working on the mechanics of "How to Throw".  Please review this video to help expedite the state's development individually and collectively, as these resources are valuable for our knowledge and success.  Our strategy is helping aid our school and club coaches in particular with expanding their knowledge in order to better help current and future generations of Indiana wrestlers.

2) Individual Tournaments - Although it takes participation in at least 2 tournaments to qualify for ISWA Freestyle and Greco State, we urge you to compete in as many tournaments as possible.  The more you practice performing at events on the weekends, the faster you will grow in wrestling.  This weekend we have several upcoming tournaments around the state, so be sure to get your mat time in!  More information on tournament locations and times can be found HERE.

3) Freestyle Duals - We are urging more schools and programs to participate in Freestyle Duals as another opportunity for competitions.  Sometimes weekend events are difficult around this time, especially as many kids participate in spring and summer sports.  These duals offer a fun and competitive environment that can be held on weekdays.  Just last week was a great triple dual between Franklin, Mooresville and Purdue Polytech RTCs that not only provided mat time for our kids but also counts as one of the qualifiers.  Be sure to talk to your Club, RTC or Academy coaches about getting more duals going, especially with the Freestyle State Duals the weekend after ISWA State.  If you are interested in setting up a dual and need assistance, please contact me at the information below.

Freestyle & Greco Wrestling Style Education 2023

Video #1 How to Throw

Video #2 Counter Attacks

Video #3 GRECO

Video #4 Turning