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USAW Wrestling Leader Membership

The 2019/2020 USAW Membership season is now open! 

1. Visit:  and Create Free Account.

2. Follow prompts to Create Free Account.  

3. Claim your previous profile or if your new create a profile.

4. You may claim as many profiles as needed for your family (you do not need to claim all wrestlers in your club, as they will reside in the club info already)


5. To renew any cards under your profile go to Memberships 

6. Purchase/Renew Wrestling Leader Membership-Complete Safe Sport Certification REQUIREMENT FROM USAW-this is a 90 minute tutorial video that is required to complete before renewing your Wrestling Leader membership. Make sure to allow plenty of time to complete this safe guard for our coaches and athletes in Indiana.  USAW membership will prompt you to online link.  After completing Safe Sport or the Safe Sport Refresher course and your background check with NCSI you will then be able to purchase your Wrestling Leader Membership.  Note 2 year memberships are no longer provided.   

Membership Benefits

Membership Year: September 1 through August 31

The ISWA is proud to partner with USA Wrestling.  When you register for a membership through USAW as an athlete or Wrestling Leader,  the ISWA will help you stay connected with all thaat Indiana State Wrestling Association is doing and USAW News.  The ISWA will be celebrating its 42nd anniversary of serving the Indiana wrestling community this upcoming season.  The ISWA is a non-profit organization that's goal is to make improvements and growth in countless areas for Indiana Wrestling.  Scholarships,  Regional Training Centers, Coaches Clinics, Officials Clinics, Cultural Exchange and national competition opportunities with Team Indiana trips are just a few of the benefits of becoming a member.  ISWA/USAW membership provides members with liability coverage.  More information can be found below.

USA Wrestling is the National Governing Body for the Sport of Wrestling in the United States and, as such, is its representative to the United States Olympic Committee. Simply, USA Wrestling is the central organization that coordinates amateur wrestling programs in the nation and works to create interest and participation in these programs. 

The many programs and activities conducted by USA Wrestling or the thousands of chartered clubs, provide opportunities for youth and adults alike to gain an understanding and appreciation for the international styles of wrestling, freestyle and Greco-Roman, and folkstyle (scholastic and collegiate) which is the style practiced at high schools and colleges across the country. 

USA Wrestling has more than 237,520 members. These members include athletes of all ages, wrestling leaders, parents and fans striving together to strengthen the sport. Part of USA Wrestling's mission is to foster grassroots development for the sport. 

Each year, USA Wrestling charters over 6,814 wrestling clubs and sanctions over 2100 local, state, regional and national competitions. These opportunities and more are just a small part of the exciting world of USA Wrestling. 

Members of the World-leading USA Wrestling Family enjoy many of the following benefits:
1. Participation in Local, Regional, and National Competitions. 
2. Four levels of Coaches Certification. 
3. The opportunity to travel abroad with Developmental Tours for Cadet, Junior, Women, University and Senior level athletes. 
4. Educational videos and written materials. 
5. Regional and National Training and Developmental Camps for Youth through Senior-level athletes. 
6. Free subscription to USA Wrestler/WIN Magazine Edition, the official publication of USA Wrestling. Members also have the option to purchase an additional 6 issues of WIN Magazine, at a discounted rate of $18, to be delivered in the off-months of USA Wrestler/WIN Magazine Edition.
7. Free subscription to USA Wrestling’s newsletter, which is sent electronically bi-weekly
8. Discounts on USA Wrestling Merchandise. 

USAW Membership

Click below to print USAW Insurance Claim Form. Contact USAW directly if you have claim questions (719)598-8181.

Danny Struck

ISWA State Coach

Phone: (812)786-2308


Contact NCSI Toll Free at 1-866-833-7100 or by emailing:

2020 Key Dates for Coaches/Athlete Education & Development

 Information from USAW!

Coach Education Opportunities (PDF attached with all certification levels and task opportunities)

Apr 1-3 (State College, PA)

2020 Olympic Trials Silver College (35 SC + 1 Trials Ticket & 15 at SC only)
Registration Link:

Aug 10-13 (tentative in COS at a local venue, not the OPTC)

Silver College (formerly Fall SC)

Registration Link: Not yet available

Athlete Developmental Camps (USA Jr and 16U – 14U may register after 1/1/2020 if space is available)

March 22-27 (COS, USOPTC – 45 athlete beds, 5 volunteer coaches needed, must be working on Silver/Gold)

Registration Link:

July 26-31 (COS, USOPTC – 90 athlete beds, 10 volunteer coaches needed, must be working on Silver/Gold)

Registration Link: Not yet available

We are also launching a video series called the USA Wrestling Legends Series in cooperation with the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Check out the press release for this great new series starting Nov 27!

National Coaches Education Clinic's and Cards

USA Wrestling’s National Coaches Education Program is a multi-tiered educational program for excellence in coaching the sport of wrestling. It is designed to be an integral component of USA Wrestling’s mission to possess the most powerful and comprehensive wrestling program in the world. USAW offers four levels of certification.

Copper Level Certification-The NCEP Copper level is designed for the beginning coach or wrestler’s parent. The intent is to help USAW volunteers to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for young wrestlers. It consists of a 2 to 4 hour clinic. A Copper certified NCEP Coaches card is issued upon successful completion. Note: All coaches must be minimum Copper certified in order to be at matside and coach at all ISWA State Final events. Cost $50.

In addition, all coaches must hold a minimum Copper certification and a current USA Wrestling Coach’s membership card in order to be at matside to coach at all USA Wrestling Kid’s (Bantam/Schoolboy) regional or national event 

Bronze Level Certification-The Bronze level clinic is a comprehensive education program for wrestling coaches who are committed to expanding their knowledge in the art and science of the coaching of wrestling. It is the first of a three part advanced coaching education program with the ensuing two parts being Silver and Gold level certification. It consists of a 6 hour clinic and includes USA Wrestling’s Coaches Guide to Excellence, a Certificate of Bronze certification, a Bronze level certified NCEP Coaches card, and a Bronze level Coaches shirt is issued upon successful completion. Note: All coaches must be minimum Bronze certified and hold a current USA Wrestling Leader membership card in order to be at matside and coach during any USA Wrestling Cadet and Junior regional or national event. Cost is $80.

Team IN Coaching Information

NOTICE: when you re-apply for your coaches card on the USA Wrestling site - notice it is called: WRESTLING LEADER 

Coaches selection criteria - items for selection are considered but not limited to:
-regular rtc involvement- are you working your local one?,
- local wrestling involvement, 
-Iswa state finals coaching involvement (minimum be present)
-coaches pursuit of education (clinics,Certifications)
-prior trip involvement in Indiana National Teams
-involvement of your own club 
-Passion and dedication to kids and wrestling
The higher the level the trip, the more emphasis on each item. 
Coaches are to work their way up through the system- kids trips, duals trips, Fargo, international - the ISWA reserves the right to use the need of a coach to work them faster through the system.

Once a coach is selected, some of the expectations of the position are as follows but not limited to:
-once selected coaches are to attend all pertaining state finals events. 
-coaches must attend and help pertinent camps - this includes all coaching activities such as running practices, supervising sleeping quarters, and all things asked by the team leader
-coaches will help recruit the trips
-travel to and from the events working as a part of the staff with the entire team supervision and coaching processes
-coaches will follow all expectations personal expectation set in the ISWA Coaches Code of Conduct (signed at each ISWA state finals event to receive wristband)
*Post trip - Coaches will be evaluated post trip by the team leader and state coaches director, as well as a self eval to be turned in

Who selects the trips?
Coaches Selection Committee (State Coaches Council), chaired by the ISWA State Coach
- selection committee is made up by the state coach, age group director(s), team leader director and the trips team leader, and a member of the executive committee. Once selected the committee submits the trip to the board for review and approval.

Want to coach matside at ISWA state finals?

Check List

  • 2019/2020 USAW Wrestling Leader Membership (required background check $20/Safe Sport Certification online training)
  • Minimum Copper Certification (available online or more info can be found at:
  • Please provide printed USAW Wrestling Leader Card with photo ID at coaches table at all ISWA State Finals. 

Bronze Certification Information

There will be a new process for coaches wanting to purchase the bronze online course:

1.       Create an account in the new system

2.       Create or Claim your profile with USAW number or Name/DOB.

3.      Purchase a Wrestling Leader Membership under Membership tab. (formerly known as coach/official membership). Please note a background check and Safe Sport certification is required.

4.       Click on the membership you want to purchase a bronze online course for (or copper once available)

5.       The course link will be automatically send to you within one hour of your purchase