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Jason DeLois

Women's Director

Phone: (317)201-8700

IGW Women's Regional Training Centers

Weekday Time Club Location Contact
Mondays (postponed) 7:00-8:30 pm (postponed) River City Wrestling Club location tbd Chad Fauber, 765-714-9983
Fridays 6:30-8:00 pm Dragon Wrestling Club New Palestine High School, 4485 S. Victory Drive, New Palestine, IN 46163 (Auxilliary Gym doors) Jason DeLois, t:317-201-8700

IHSGW Website

IGW Website

Indiana High School Girls Wrestling Website

 Interest has been growing steadily in women’s wrestling in Indiana over the past several years with this year being no exception.  We are making important improvements to our women’s events, opportunities, and overall outlook to allow for more young women to enter the sport.  Once we get them involved in the sport at a young age, the most important item is to keep them involved and competing in wrestling throughout high school and into college.

Our ISWA Women’s State Tournaments have both been streamlined in reducing the number of age groups and weight classes to allow for more competitive tournaments.  Team competition is an area that will continue to expand in the years to come.  Having a group of women wrestlers in a club or team will contribute to them wanting to stay involved and competing throughout high school. 

 Getting the word out for women’s wrestling and the importance of attending all of our Indiana events and national team events is an ongoing effort.  We continue to have really strong women wrestlers coming up through the age groups and our current Indiana representatives are making a name for themselves in Junior and Senior Level events, both nationally and internationally.

 We will continue to do everything we can to assist any women wrestler to reach her goal.  It is very hard work to compete with boys throughout the year, but the payoff is when you get to compete against other women at the state, national, and international levels.

ISWA Team IN Woman's National Opportunities

Stay tuned under the Women's Event Page for more opportunities for Women's Team IN National trips.  The 2019 season will include Heartland Duals  April 12-14th, 2019. USAW Folkstyle Natls. March 21-24th, 2019,  USAW Freestyle Nationals in Irving, TX, May 10-12th, 2019, USAW Jr Womens Duals Tulsa, OK June 18-22nd, 2019 and USAW Cadet/Jr Nationals in Fargo, ND July 11- 19th, 2019.

Folkstyle Nationals 2018 News

2018 Girls Folkstyle Nationals. 26 girls Indiana girls attended this year 12 of them made All-American Status. Congrats to the following women wrestlers:

Rhianne Murphy 1st (Champion) Novice 80 Lbs.

Ella Gahl 3rd Novice 95 Lbs.

Kiersten O'Neill 3rd S/G 165 Lbs.

Gloria Cloud 4th Int. 45 Lbs.

Elly Janovsky 4th Novice 118+ Lbs.

Kaylie Petersen 4th S/G 110 Lbs.

Heather Crull 4th Novice 70 Lbs.

Sydney DeLois 5th S/G 105 Lbs.

Hanna Givens 6th Int. 45 Lbs.

Hurshal Pol 6th S/G 101 Lbs.

Cailin Campbell Cadet 122 Lbs.

Siera Pienkowski Cadet 138 Lbs.

The ISWA sponsored the first all girls Cadet/Junior dual team from Indiana at Folkstyle Nationals 2018. The team went 1-3 and wrestled hard against some very tough competition and learned some things along the way. Special thanks to coaches and supporters of Indiana Girls Wrestling!

2018 Women's Freestyle Nationals

Team Indiana entered 14 wrestlers at the 2018 Women's Freestyle Nationals. This is more than twice the highest number we have ever entered. Seven of the 14 came home All-Americans. They are: Heather Crull Nov. 70lb. 2nd

        Rianne Murphy Nov. 80lb. 1st

        Paislee Chambers Nov. 85lb. 8th

        Ella Gahl Nov. 95lb. 1st

        Madeline Rearick Cadet 36-40Kg. 5th

        Alara Boyd Cadet 65Kg. 3rd

        Jasmine Hale Cadet 73Kg. 5th

Everyone else wrestled very good. The competition levels at this tournament was by far the best in the country with some girls having 50 plus in their bracket. Great job Team Indiana! Fargo is just around the corner. 

ISWA Women's Director Welcome Letter

  I would like to thank the ISWA for entrusting me as Director of Women’s Development. It is an honor to represent those women of our state who have chosen to wrestle, and I will use the advocacy of my office to provide them with more opportunities to hone their craft. As many of you know, Indiana and the nation has experienced a rapid growth in the number of females participating in the sport of wrestling in the past few years. Across this state, we have established a great group of young women who participate in local, national, and international competitions. These athletes are setting the pace for others to come and make a name for themselves. We must move from a paradigm that sees female inclusion in the sport as an experiment to one that recognizes the permanence and ownership of women’s wrestling. We must say loudly and often that wrestling is no longer just a boys sport; girls wrestle as well, and women’s wrestling is in fact the quickest growing sport in the nation. It is time for ideological stragglers to get on the right side of history—the time is ripe for change with the sky being the limit for women’s wrestling.

  I believe one change that we can easily and quickly make is to bring our ISWA state age and weight divisions in line with those that USA Wrestling has established for women for national competition. We will need to modify this by adding Pee Wee, which USAW does not recognize at the national level, and may need to add a few lower weight classes within each division. This change should be completed before our state tournaments are conducted. This will ensure that our girls who are competing at the state level will be more easily able to transition to regional and national competition. The USAW divisions themselves are designed as such to maximize competition while still providing for safe conditions. At the local level, the ISWA can provide tournament organizers with advice and expertise in structuring age and weight divisions that provide more opportunity for competition by combining weight classes (Madison Blocking) within 15% weight difference parameters. This should create more mat time opportunities for those girls that patronize local events. I would like to see every tournament offer a womens’ division, but I realize that there are some real impediments to this, including not only technical knowledge of trackwrestling, but also financial considerations as well. I believe that as participation steadily increases over the next few years, womens’ divisions will become the norm and we are currently in a critical educational and promotional phase of development in this regard.
  I will be pushing to see an equal amount of participation on the National level that requires State Association permission to participate. Indiana has an extremely talented bunch of Pee Wee-Junior level girls and this push will help us get up to speed with all the other states.  Stay tuned under the Women's Event Page for more opportunities for Women's Team IN National trips.  The 2019 season will include Heartland Duals  April 112-14th, 2019. USAW Folkstyle Natls. March 21-24th, 2019,  USAW Freestyle Nationals in Irving, TX, May 10-12th, 2019, USAW Jr Womens Duals Tulsa, OK June 18-22nd, 2019 and USAW Cadet/Jr Nationals in Fargo, ND July 11- 19th, 2019.
 I want you to know that I will always fight for the best interest of our Indiana girls because some of them are my own.  If you ever have any questions, concerns, or just want to become more closely involved, please don't hesitate to call, text or email. I look forward to serving now and into the future.
Jason DeLois m