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USAW 2019/2020 Season is OPEN

By ISWA, 08/28/19, 9:15AM EDT


The ISWA is unrolling a new process of Chartering Clubs and Sanctioning Events. 

To streamline the renewal process for our member clubs all can be found within  All clubs are still required to attend the annual meeting Sept. 8th in order to bid dates of club events.  NO EVENTS WILL BE SANCTIONED/APPROVED BY THE ISWA UNLESS BID AT ANNUAL MEETING!

If your club wishes to submit primary and alternate event dates online please do so at:

To find a current list of clubs primary and alternate dates submitted to date see attachment file below.

Attention Wrestling Leaders

During the USAW Summit, NCSI and Safe Sport have also moved within  Members will now be able to do a complete  "One Stop Shop" process with all required renewals. 

As always, the ISWA office is here to assist in any and all ways.  Much information can be found on our website or by emailing or calling (317)780-1885.   

IMPORTANT INFORMATION  YOU will need to know for this season. 




Many changes/enhancements have been built into the membership system in the last 2 months in preparation for the 2019-20 membership season, so below is a list of the major changes.

1.  Receipts are now e-mailed to the account holder who made purchase in membership system

2.  Plastic membership cards now require a profile picture that will print on the card o Members without profile picture will be notified to upload a picture in order to receive card

3. “Membership watch” function in effect, where the system remembers when a coach/club leader attempts to purchase membership on behalf of someone else and alerts that individual if he/she needs to complete SafeSport training and/or background screening and will notify the coach/club leader once task(s) is completed

4.  Club affiliation can be requested by club admin and also individual him/herself

5.  2-Year Wrestling Leader & 2-Year High Performance Leader memberships no longer available

6. SafeSport training during every membership season is now required before appropriate membership can be purchased        

*Anyone who completed SafeSport training prior to September 1, 2018 will be required to complete full training. (Due to new legislation SafeSport updated online training course-Thank you in advance for your patience.) 

* Anyone who completed SafeSport training during 2018-19 will be required to complete refresher course

7. SafeSport training is built into the membership system, meaning no more account creation at

8. Athletes who will turn 18 years of age or older before August 31, 2020 will be required to complete SafeSport training before membership purchase  (IF YOUR ATHLETE IS 17 NOW HE/SHE WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE SAFESPORT SINCE THEY WILL TURN 18 IN THIS SEASON)

9. National Coaches Education Courses (NCEP) courses are now built into the membership system, meaning no more use of ePath for Bronze and Copper certification courses.  NOTE ISWA WILL NO LONGER OFFER ON-SITE COPPER OR BRONZE COACHES CLINICS.  PLEASE PLAN AHEAD AND COMPLETE ALL ONLINE REQUIREMENTS TO COACH MAT SIDE AT ISWA STATE EVENTS.  ISWA REQUIRES COPPER MINIMUM CERTIFICATIONS FOR A COACHES BAND). 

10. NCEP certifications will be automatically updated in membership system, meaning no more lag time in certification showing in one’s profile

11. Club admins have ability to upload a logo for club that displays in membership system

12.  Club admins can now purchase Wrestling Leader membership through the club admin

13. Club admins can now send e-mails to their affiliated members filtered member lists by membership type and age group

14.  All profile pictures submitted are approved/denied by USA Wrestling staff (since July, over 17,000 profile pictures have been approved)

15. State admins can now log/document concussion training for Wrestling Leaders

16.  ArbiterPay (RefPay) now used for stipends provided to officials of regional and national championships

If you have any questions about the above changes to the membership system, please contact USA Wrestling at 719.598.8181 or at