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NEW ISWA Award Ceremony

By ISWA, 07/10/23, 2:15PM EDT


The ISWA is excited about a new award ceremony to recognize Indiana's best! 

Who: The awards that will be recognized are Club of the Year, Coach of the Year, Officials of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Double and Triple Crown Winners along with Team Indiana All Americans and Team Champions/Runner-ups.  

When: Sunday August 6th, 2023 11 am

Where: Franklin Community High School Auditorium Enter Door #55

Check in will begin at 10:30 am with a small refreshment prior to the 11 am ceremony. A photo opportunity will be offered for this special ceremony.  Casual/Dressy apparel is recommended for the group photo's for the ISWA's annual publication and website.  



Club of the Year: Indian Creek WC

Coach of the Year: Dan Mikesell & Theresa Rankin

Folkstyle Mat Official of the Year: Jared Curcio

Freestyle/Greco Mat Official of the Year: Payton Halbig

Brandon Whaley Young Official of the Year: Lauryn Moss

Pairing Official of the Year: Brook Carlton

Volunteer of the Year: Autumn & Glen Baldwin

MS Gold Heartland Duals Championship Team Recognition

All Americans- Triple & Double Crown Winners

Allen, Ava Ava Allen AA 2nd Folkstytle Nationals 
Arthur, Easton Easton Arthur AA 4th Folkstyle Nationals 
Asa, Kylie Kyle Asa 12U W. Double Crown
Austin, Jon Luke Jon Luke Austin AA 7th Folkstyle, 4th GR Nationals 
Avila, Layonna Layonna Avila AA 8th Folkstyle Nationals 
Bales, Theo Theo Bales AA 2nd Folkstyle Nationals 
Barrados, Melissa Melissa Barrados AA 5th Folkstyle Nationals 
Bastiac, Aleksandra Aleksandra Bastiac 2nd 16U FS Nationals 
Beck, Brady Brady Beck Jr Triple Crown
Bell, Case Case Bell 16U Triple Crown, AA 3rd 16U FS National Championship & AA Undefeated at 16U National Duals 
Bennett, Avery Avery Bennett 10U W.Double Crown
Boe, Lucas Lucas Boe AA Undefeated at Heartland Duals 
Bokinsky, Bladen Bladen Bokinsky AA & 2nd Folkstyle Nationals 
Bowles, Donald Donald Bowles AA 6th GR Kids Nationals 
Boyd, Jensen Jensen Boyd 16U Triple Crown, AA 3rd 16U National Championship 
Breedlove, Sean Sean Breedlove AA 4th GR Kids Nationals 
Bridge, Case Case Bridge 16U Triple Crown
Brown, Gavin Gavin Brown 12U Triple Crown, AA 3rd Folkstyle Nationals, 3rd Kids Nationals 
Byrd, Brady Brady Byrd AA 3rd FS/7th Jr GR National Championship  
Cantu, Joy Joy Cantu AA 3rd Folkstyle Nationals 
Cartalino, Rocco Rocco Cartalino 10U Triple Crown
Carver, Aiden Aiden Carver AA 2nd Kids GR, 2nd FS Nationals & Undefeated FS/GR 14U National Duals
Carver, Jeremy 14U Triple Crown 
Castro, Mariana Mariana Castro 16U W. Double Crown
Chavez, D'Angelo D'Angelo Chavez AA Undefeated at Heartland Duals 
Cloud, Gloria Gloria Cloud 12U W. Double Crown
Cochran, Haedyn Haedyn Cochran 12U Triple Crown, AA & 3rd Folkstyle Nationals, FS National Champ, 4th GR Kids Nationals 
Cooper, Cameron Cameron Cooper 10U Triple Crown
Cooper, Lincoln Lincoln Cooper AA Undefeated at Heartland Duals 
Crull, Heather Heather Crull 1st Jr FS Nationals 
Cruz, Orlando Orlando Cruz AA & 2nd Folkstyle Nationals, 2nd Jr GR National Champion 
Cryderman, Evan Evan Cryderman AA 4th Kids FS Nationals 
Dillion, Emma Emma Dillion AA 7th Folkstyle Nationals 
Doty, JJ JJ Doty AA 6th Kids Nationals 
Dowty, Patrick Patrick Dowty AA Undefeated 14U FS National Duals 
Dowty, Phoebe Phoebe Dowty Jr W. Double Crown
Ducking, Treavon Treavon Ducking AA 7th Folkstyle Nationals 
Dudak, Michael III Michael Dudak III AA 6th Folkstyle Nationals 
Eby, Scout Scout Eby AA 5th Folkstyle Nationals 
Fouty, Kaitlynn Kaitlynn Fouty 14U W. Double Crown
Franklink, Kian 6U Double Crown
Gatewood, Sophie Sophie Gatewood 10U W. Double Crown
Gibbs, Deadon Deacon Gibbs 12U Triple Crown
Godwise, Seer Seer Godwise AA Undefeated 16U National Duals 
Greer, Calvin Calvin Greer III AA 4th Folkstyle Nationals 
Gross, Kalvin Kalvin Gross AA Undefeated at Heartland Duals 
Guard, Haley Haley Guard AA 6th Folkstyle Nationals 
Haddix, Lincoln Lincoln Haddix AA 6th Folkstyle Nationals 
Hammond, Maya Maya Hammond 12U W. Double Crown
Harrell, David David Harrell AA 2nd Kids FS Nationals, 6th GR Kids Nationals 
Hartleroad, James James Hartleroad AA 16U National Champion & Undefeated at 16U National Duals. 
Heidelberger, Mason Mason Heidelberger 12U Triple Crown
Hicks, Tatiana  Tatiana Hicks 10U W. Double Crown
Hinchman, Lincoln Lincoln Hinchman AA 4th Kids FS Nationals, 3rd Kids GR, Undefeated 14U FS National  Duals
Hockaday, Jake Jake Hockaday AA 4th Jr GR National Championship 
Hornsby, Peyton Peyton Hornsby 14U Triple Crown, AA & Folkstyle National Champion, FS & GR National Champion 
Huddleston, Alex Alex Huddleston 16U Triple Crown
Jackson, Bo Bo Jackson AA 3rd Folkstyle Nationals 
Janovsky, Elly Elly Janovsky Jr W. Double Crown, 6th 16U FS Nationals, 4th Folk Nationals
Johnshon, Kyla Kyla Johnson AA 2nd Folkstyle Nationals 
Jones, Dalton Dalton Jones AA 3rd Folkstyle Nationals 
Jones, Ellis Ellis Jones 10U Triple Crown, AA 2nd Kids FS Nationals, 2nd GR Kids Nationals 
Kahaleokomo, Karson Karson Kahaleokomo AA & 3rd Folkstyle Nationals, 8th GR Kids Nationals 
Kaplan, Isabel Isabel Kaplan AA 4th Folkstyle Nationals 
Kaplan, Rose Rose Kaplan AA 4th Jr FS Nationals, Folk National Champion & Undefeated Girls Jr National Duals 
Lear, Cierra Cierra Lear AA 8th Folkstyle Nationals 
Livingtson, Ryann Ryann Livingston 6U W.Double Crown
Lopshire, Anthony Anthony Lopshire AA 6th Folkstyle Nationals 
Maddox, Connor Connor Maddox 14U Triple Crown, AA Undefeated at Heartland Duals 
Maldonado, Jeremiah Jeremiah Maldonado AA 6th Folkstyle Nationals 
Maldonado, Mark Mark Maldanado Masters Triple Crown
Marsh, Lyten Leyton Marsh 10U Triple Crown
Martin, Bridget Bridget Martin AA 5th Folkstyle Nationals 
McMahon, Colin Colin McMahon AA Undefeated at Heartland Duals 
McCue, Achaiah Achaiah McCue 12U W. Double Crown
McCue, Ataliah Ataliah McCue 8U W.Double Crown
Moe, Kendall Kendall Moe JR W. Double Crown AA National Folkstyle Champion & 3rd 16U FS National Championships
Moe, Mackenzie Mackenzie Moe AA 4th Folkstyle Nationals 
Morphet, Moriah Moriah Morphet 14U W. Double Crown
Murphye, Amelia Amelia Murphy AA Undefeated Girls Jr National Duals 
Musselman, Josh Josh Musselman 12U Triple Crown
Nedelsky, Grace Grace Nedelsky 12U W. Double Crown
Neece, Brooklyn Brooklyn Neece 14U W. Double Crown
Neibert, Ella Ella Neibert 14U W. Double Crownm AA Folkstyle National Champion & Undefeated Girls Heartland National Duals
Nordyke, Jordan Jordan Nordyke Jr AA & 2nd Folkstyle Nationals 
Oakes, Averie Averie Oakes 10U W. Double Crown
Ocamp, Ava Ava Ocampo 12U W.Double Crown
Ocampo, Julianne Julianne Ocamp 16U Jr W Double Crown, AA 7th Folkstyle Nationals 
Ocampo, Ysabelle Ysbelle Ocampo 16U W.Double Crown
Oneal, Jaiah Jaiah ONeal Jr W. Double Crown, AA 8th Folkstyle Nationals 
Petersen, Kaylie Kaylie Petersen Jr W. Double Crown
Quiroz, Anthony Anthony Quiroz AA 5th Folkstyle Nationals 
Reading, Austin Austin Reading 16U Triple Crown
Raef, Logan Logan Raef AA 7th Kids FS Nationals 
Raif, Logan Logan Raif AA 6th GR Kids Nationals 
Rioux, Nathan Nathan Rioux AA 4th FS/7th Jr GR National Championship & Undefeated Jr National Duals 
Robertson, Tyson Tyson Robertson AA & FS & GR National Champion 
Rosenbarger, Dallas Dallas Rosenbarger 14U Triple Crown, AA Undefeated at Heartland Duals 
Salas, Ceasar Cesar Salas 14U Triple Crown, AA & Folkstyle National Champion 
Salas, Josiah Josiah Salas AA 3rd Folkstyle Nationals 
Sanders, Joshua Joshua Sanders AA 4th/8th Folk Nationals, 3rd Kids FS 5th GR Kids Nationals
Sanford, Madison 12U W. Double Crown
Schofield, Cameron Cameron Schofield AA 6th Kids FS Nationals, 3rd GR Kids Nationals 
Seitzinger, Hannah Hannah Seitzinger Jr W. Double Crown, AA 8th Folkstyle Nationals 
Senteney, Hope Hope Senteney AA 2nd Folkstyle Nationals 
Shepherd, Clinton Clinton Shepherd AA 3rd FS National Championship 
Smith, Alexander Alexander Smith AA 6th at Folkstyle Nationals 
Smith, Deonna  Deonna Smith 10U W. Double Crown
Smith, Hayden Hayden Smith AA & 3rd Folkstyle Nationals 
Smith, Isabella Isabella Smith 10U W. Double Crown
Smith, Jackson Jackson Smith AA 6th Folkstyle Nationals 
Smith, Makenzie Makenzie Smith JR W. Double Crown, 5th Jr FS Nationals 
Smith, William William Smith AA 5th Folkstyle Nationals 
Smith, Zander Zander Smith AA 5th Kids FS Nationals 
Spine, Ethan 8U Triple Crown
Stanley, Evan Evan Stanley 16U Triple Crown, AA Undefeated 16U National Duals 
Staples, MJ MJ Staples AA Undefeated at Heartland Duals 
Stauffer, Brooklyn Brooklyn Stauffer AA 6th GR Kids Nationals 
Stanisz, Parker Parker Stanisz 10U Triple Crown
Stitch, Micah Micah Stitch AA 3rd Folkstyle Nationals 
Strayer, Ava Ava Strayer AA 5th Folkstyle Nationals 
Swathwood, Abrum Abrum Swathwood AA Undefeated 14U GR National Duals 
Tishner, Tanner Tanner Tishner Jr Triple Crown, AA 4th Folkstyle Nationals 
Turner, Paxton Paxton Turner AA 4th GR Kids Nationals 
Valle, Sebastian Sebastian Valle 6U Double Crown
Veazy, De'Alcapon De'Alcapon Veazy AA 5th FS/6th Jr GR National Championship 
Vlaeminch, Myles Myles Vlaeminck AA 5th/4th GR Kids FS & GR Nationals 
Wagner-Gilbert, June June Wagner-Gilbert AA 6th Folkstyle Nationals 
Wesley, Corabella Corabella Wesley 14U W. Double Crown,AA 3rd Folkstyle Nationals 
Wheeler, Kennedy Kennedy Wheeler 8U W.Double Crown
Williams, Camden Camden Williams AA Undefeated 14U FS/GR National Duals 
Willoughby, Dakoda Dakoda Willoughby AA 7th Folkstyle Nationals 
Vuranski, Anthony Anthony Zuranski 14U Triple Crown 

2023 ISWA Triple Crown Winners


6U - 50 Sebastian Valle of East Noble TUF Wrestling Club

6U - 65 Kian Franklin of Avon Wrestling Club


8U - 43 Ethan Spine of Floyd Wrestling Club

8U - 70 Theo Bales of Contenders Wrestling Academy

10U - 53 Layten Marsh of Falcon Wrestling Club

10U - 63 Henry Riesen of The Fort Hammers Wrestling

10U - 67 Parker Stanisz of Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club

10U - 77 Cameron Cooper of Dragon Wrestling Club

10U - 84 Rocco Cartalino of Midwest Regional Training Center

10U - 120 Ellis Jones of Falcon Wrestling Club

12U - 63 Josh Musselman of Dragon Wrestling Club

12U - 70 Haedyn Cochran of Contenders Wrestling Academy

12U - 78 Deacon Gibbs of Contenders Wrestling Academy

12U - 117 Gavin Brown of Indian Creek Wrestling Club

12U - 160 Mason Heidelberger of Roncalli Wrestling Foundation

14U - 77 Connor Maddox of Contenders Wrestling Academy

14U - 83 Jeremy Carver of Delta Wrestling Club Inc.

14U - 92 Dallas Rosenbarger of Contenders Wrestling Academy

14U - 102 Anthony Zuranski of Contenders Wrestling Academy

14U - 149 Peyton Hornsby of Contenders Wrestling Academy

14U - 187 Ceasar Salas of Merrillville Pirates Wrestling Club

16U - 88 Alex Huddleston of Brownsburg Wrestling Club

16U - 94 Case Bridge of Contenders Wrestling Academy

16U - 100 Case Bell of Contenders Wrestling Academy

16U - 106 Jensen Boyd of Delta Wrestling Club Inc.

16U - 132 Evan Stanley of Lowell Wrestling Club

16U - 195 Austin Reading of Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club

USA Junior - 126 Tanner Tishner of Red Cobra Wrestling Academy

USA Junior - 285 Brady Beck of Rochester Wrestling Club

Masters A/B - 100 Mark Maldonado of Highland Wrestling Club

Male Wrestler All American or Triple Crown Winner

1.Abrum Swathwood

2. Aiden Carver

3.Alex Huddleston

4.*Alexander Smith 

5.Anthony Lopshire 

6.Anthony Quiroz 

7.*Anthony Zuranski

8.*Austin Reading

9.Bladen Bokinsky 

10.Bo Jackson 

11.*Brady Beck

12.Brady Byrd


13.Calvin Greer III 

14.Camden Williams

15.*Cameron Cooper

16.Cameron Schofield 

17.Case Bell

18.Case Bridge

19.Ceasar Salas

20.Colin McMahon

21.Connor Maddox

22.D'Angelo Chavez

23.Dakoda Willoughby 

24.Dallas Rosenbarger

25.Dalton Jones 

26.David Harrell 

26.*Deacon Gibbs

27.Donald Bowie  

28.Easton Arthur 

29.Ellis Jones 

30.*Ethan Spine

31.Evan Cryderman 

32.Evan Stanley

33.Gavin Brown

34.Haedyn Cochran

35.Hayden Smith 

36.*Henry Riesen

37.Jackson Smith 

38.James Hartleroad

39.Jensen Boyd

40.Jeremiah Maldonado 

41.*Jeremy Carver

42.JJ Doty 

43.Jon Luke Austin 

44.Jonathan Nordyke Jr. 

45.*Josh Musselman

46.Joshua Sanders 

47.Josiah Salas 

48. Kalvin Gross

49.Karson Kahalekomo 

50.*Kian Franklin

51.*Layten Marsh

52.Lincoln Cooper

53.Lincoln Haddix 

54.Lincoln Hinchman 

55.Logan Raef 

56.Lucas Boe

57.*Mark Maldonado

58.*Mason Heidelberger

59.Micah Stith 

60.Michael Dudak, III 

61.MJ Staples

62.Myles Vlaeminck 

63.Nathan Rioux

63.Nathanial Sanders  

64.Orlando Cruz 

65.*Parker Stanisz

66.Patrick Dowty

 67.Paxton Turner 

68.Peyton Hornsby

69.*Rocco Cartalino

70.Sean Breedlove 

71.*Sebastian Valle

72.Seer Godwise

73.Tanner Tishner

74.Theo Bales

75.Traevon Ducking 

76.Tysen Robertson 

77.William Smith 

78.Zander Smith 



2023 Women's Double Crown Winner


6U - 40 Ryann Livingston of Contenders Wrestling Academy

8U - 45 Ataliah McCue of Beast Mode Wrestling Club

8U - 60 Kennedy Wheeler of Contenders Wrestling Academy

10U - 60 Sophia Gatewood of Team Tiger Wrestling Club

10U - 65 Avery Bennett of Rhyno Academy of Wrestling

10U - 75 Tatiana Hicks of Jennings County Wrestling Club

10U - 90 Averie Oakes of Indiana

10U - 100 Deonna Smith of Legends of Gold Wrestling

10U - 125 Isabella Smith of Patriots Wrestling Club

12U - 65 Grace Nedelsky of Contenders Wrestling Academy

12U - 75 Kylie Asa of Beast Mode Wrestling Club

12U - 80 Achaiah McCue of Beast Mode Wrestling Club

12U - 90 Ava Ocampo of Beast Mode Wrestling Club

12U - 95 Maya Hammond of Beast Mode Wrestling Club

12U - 120 Gloria Cloud of Columbus North Wrestling Club

12U - 145 Madison Sanford of Center Grove Wrestling Club

14U - 85 Ella Neibert of Indian Creek Wrestling Club

14U - 92 Corabella Wesley of Hobart Wrestling Club

14U - 97 Kaitlynn Fouty of Whiteland Wrestling Club

14U - 101-105 Moriah Morphet of Indian Creek Wrestling Club

14U - 185 Brooklyn Neece of Club Madison Wrestling

16U - 112 Ysabelle Ocampo of Beast Mode Wrestling Club

16U - 117 Julianna Ocampo of Beast Mode Wrestling Club

16U - 138 Mariana Castro of Indiana

16U - 144 Aleksandra Bastaic of Highland Wrestling Club

USA Junior - 100 Kendall Moe of Contenders Wrestling Academy

USA Junior - 112 Makenzie Smith of Maurer Coughlin WC

USA Junior - 117 Julianna Ocampo of Beast Mode Wrestling Club

USA Junior - 127 Hannah Seitzinger of Indian Creek Wrestling Club

USA Junior - 132 Phoebe Dowty of Indian Creek Wrestling Club

USA Junior - 144 Elly Janovsky of Indiana Girls Wrestling IGNITES

USA Junior - 152 Kaylie Petersen of Maurer Coughlin WC

USA Junior - 200 Jaiah ONeal of Indiana


1.*Achaia McCue

2.Aleksandra Bastaic

3.Amelia Murphy

4.*Ataliah McCue

Ava Allen 

5.Ava Ocampo

6.Ava Strayer 

7.*Averie Oakes

8.*Avery Bennett

9.Bridget Martin 

10.Brooklyn Neece

11.*Brooklyn Stauffer

12.Cierra Lear 

13.Corabella Wesley

14.Deonna Smith

15.Ella Neibert

16.Elly Janovsky

17.Emma Pillion 

18.*Gloria Cloud

19.*Grace Nedelsky

20.Haley Guard 

21.Hannah Seitzinger

22.Heather Crull 

23.Hope Senteney 

24.Isabel Kaplan 

25.*Isabella Smith

26.Jaiah O'Neal

27.Joy Cantu 

28.*Julianna Ocampo

29.Julianne Cantu 

30.June Wagner-Gilbert 

31.*Kaitlynn Fouty

32.*Kaylie Petersen

33.Kendall Moe

34.*Kennedy Wheeler

35.Kyla Johnson 

36.*Kylie Asa

37.Layonna Avila 

38.Mackenzie Moe 

39.*Maddie Marsh 

40.*Madison Sanford

41.Makenize Smith

42.*Mariana Castro

43.*Maya Hammond

44.Melissa Barradas 

45*.Moriah Morphet

46.*Phoebe Dowty

47.*Rianne Murphy 

48.Rose Kaplan

49.*Ryann Livingston

50.Scout Eby 

51.*Sophia Gatewood

52.*Tatiana Hicks

53.*Ysabelle Ocampo


Female Wrestler All American or Double Crown Winner