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Whats Safe Sport?

Safe Sport Sign Up "How To Video" for USAW Memebers

Want to find out more about how to complete Safe Sport within Click this link.


The ISWA will be giving away free "TAKING DOWN MISCONDUCT"  luggage tags in efforts to raise awareness of misconduct signs for parents to be aware of in keeping kids safe!

A free online resource is available for all our members thanks to  USAW and US Center for SAFESPORT.  Our governing body USAW strongly recommends parents voluntarily  participating in this campaign with the ISWA. 

What? Complete Safe Sport Parent Training. 

Cost? FREE.  Simply create a free USAW profile within and complete the online parent training.  NOTE ITS IMPORTANT TO SELECT A CLUB AFFILIATION WITHIN USAW PROFILE.  After completion parent can print off Safe Sport Certificate. 

FREE GIFT? Provided Parent Safe Sport certificate at any ISWA State event and the first 100 parents will receive a "Taking Down Misconduct" luggage tag. This years luggage tag replicates the 2020 Team Indiana singlet. 

By teaming up with USAW and US Center for SAFESPORT the ISWA hopes to make our wrestling community a safer place for kids.  

Questions please email

Who Must Be Trained

It is the policy of USA Wrestling that those Adult Participants who (1) have regular contact with, or supervision over, minor athletes (e.g., coaches, officials, volunteers authorized to have regular interactions with minor athletes, vendors, media etc.), (2) are Board members of USA Wresting or committee members (3) are in managerial, supervisory, or board roles of USA Wrestling State Affiliates or Chartered Clubs, and (4) are new and current employees of USA Wrestling, shall complete appropriate training about child physical and sexual abuse and other types of misconduct as set forth in the USCSS Safe Sports Training.

You can access training at USCSS Safe Sport Training,

This training is free to USA Wrestling members.

This training must be completed before any adult has interaction with an athlete.

The US Center for SafeSport has revised the old ‘Proactive Policies” into the new Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP). USA Wrestling has revised our Safe Sport Policy accordingly, and it will be voted upon by the board on April 27th. I wanted to give you a heads up on some of the matters that are going into effect, and I ask your assistance to get this information down to your clubs. The MAAPP actually went into effect on March 23, 2019. NGB’s are given until June 23rd to bring all members into compliance.

1. The most immediate change is that all athletes 18 and older (or turning 18 prior to 8/31) must take the US Center for SafeSport training. It is free with their USA Wrestling membership. Those athletes currently 17 yrs old, but turning 18 prior to 8/31, must get parental consent to take the training. After June 23rd, any athlete not in compliance may be denied access to a USA Wrestling sanctioned event (Junior Nationals being the main event this will need to be completed in advance of for these athletes). Until the Center provides an online form for Parental Consent, each club director should get an email or text from a parent consenting to their minor 17 yr old to take the training online. Please connect with your local club directors on this matter ASAP.

2. Starting with the 2019-20 season, all USA Wrestling chartered clubs will need to offer Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Training to all athletes under the age of 18. The training materials are being produced by the US Center for SafeSport, and should be a ‘plug and play’ format making it easy for clubs to administer. The materials and consent forms should be available by May 15th on the Center’s website. Each club will need to track: a) a description of the trainings (this will merely be “the USCSS materials for ages ___”) b) the date(s) the training was offered and given, and c) a description of how the training was offered and given (materials and video provided at team meeting). USA Wrestling will collect information from club directors in our membership system, all of which will be exportable by the state’s Safe Sport Coordinator.

We know this is a large change for clubs, and will initially be a challenge. Once we get through the first cycle it should become easier. However, as the NGB for wrestling, we have NO CHOICE in the matter as USA Wrestling will be audited for compliance by both the US Center for SafeSport and the USOC. Starting with the 2020-21 season, no club will be able to renew their charter without compliance from the 2019-20 season on this education requirement.

There will be another Safe Sport Coordinator teleconference in mid-May to discuss these matters and the new Safe Sport Program Handbook. As always, I am open to any questions.

Steve Pugliese

Law & Legislation/ Safe Sport Coordinator

Phone: (317)409-8759

US Center for Safe Sport

Free Parent Tool Kit Training

In order to provide Safe Sport Training certification for ISWA Members parents must first create a profile in to connect Safe Sport Certification to profile. This is a way that ISWA/USAW accounts for its members completing Safe Sport Training as Parents. This also a way members can communicate with other club members, volunteers of club events/practices etc to keep kids safe. "Taking Down Misconduct" is a campaign the ISWA wishes to have all members participate to inform kids of grooming techniques to protect kids and become a safer sport environment for families. Being informed and aware of practices is important and the ISWA suppports Safe Sport Certifcation and encourages members to participate in the FREE course. Noting Club Affiliation will be important for those clubs who join the campaign in promoting "Taking Down Misconduct". Questions feel free to contact the ISWA Office 317/780-1885 or email Creating a USAW Profile is Free and easy. Ensure you have selected a Club Affiliation for your club to receive credit for your participation. Certificates can be printed after course is done.

FREE Safe Sport Training Options

NOTE FREE USAW MEMBERSHIP PROFILE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE COURSE SafeSport Courses Option #1 SafeSport Trained Understand the core concepts behind creating a safe and positive sport environment and learn how to identify, prevent and respond to issues of misconduct. Option #2 Designed for the parents of athletes of all ages, this course explains the issues of misconduct in sport and helps parents ensure their children have a positive and safe sport experience.


Parents are an important part of the solution, as we all work together to prevent abuse in sport.

FREE online parent training is available within  Parents are asked to create a FREE USAWmembership profile and take the FREE parent/volunteer course.  

USAW Membership Login

Parents please create a free profile with USAW. This will allow your access to your training certificate once course in completed.

Wrestling Leaders

USAW Membership Login

Wrestling Leaders (Coaches and Officials) are required to log into: and complete Safe Sport certification. Please allow 30-45 min. to complete this FREE online course required to purchase Wrestling Leader Membership. Note: NCSI Background check is also required to purchase Wrestling Leader Membership

Athletes 17 yrs and older

USAW Membership Login

Wrestlers 17 yrs and older are required to log into and complete Safe Sport certification. Please allow 30-45 min. to complete this FREE online course required to puchase competitive athlete membership for members 17 years and older.

USAW Mandatory Reporting Responsibilities

Dear Constituents:

USA Wrestling has a commitment to provide a safe and healthy environment for those who participate in wrestling, especially for all of our children. We are reaching out to all of our adult members who are 18 years old and above to provide clarity on this important topic.

In order to ensure that there is absolutely no uncertainty as to how people associated with USA Wrestling should deal with suspected abuse, we want to make it clear: report the information to the police and document the report. Then report the information to USA Wrestling or the US Center for Safe Sport, and document the reports.  Period.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  In addition, we want to remind you of our mandatory training requirements.

Reporting Abuse 

When should you report?  The standard under a new federal law, the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017, requires reporting as soon as possible when a covered individual “learns of facts that give reason to suspect that a child has suffered an incident of child abuse, including sexual abuse.” The law applies to any:

  Adult who is authorized by a national governing body, a member of a national governing body, or an amateur sports organization that participates in interstate or international amateur athletic competition, to interact with a minor or amateur athlete at an amateur sports organization facility or at any event sanctioned by a national governing body, a member of a national governing body, or such an amateur sports organization.

These policies are consistent with USA Wrestling’s existing commitment to provide the safest possible environment for those who participate in wrestling, especially for all of our children. 

Mandatory reporting is not a new concept. All of the states in the United States, as well as United States territories, have identified “mandatory reporters” who are obligated to reports suspected abuse.  Mandatory reporters generally include professionals involved in providing services to children such as educators, social workers, counselors and therapists, child care providers, health care providers or law enforcement officers.  Both USA Wrestling’s policies and the new federal statute are substantially broader.  If you are a member coach and/or member official of USA Wrestling, it applies to you, and it applies to anyone whom your local club permits to interact with children.

It bears emphasis that it is not your responsibility to determine whether allegations are true, or whether abuse has actually occurred before reporting suspicions.  Instead, you must report if you “learn of facts that give (you) reasons to suspect” abuse.

To whom should you report?  The federal law requires the Attorney General to identify appropriate law enforcement agencies, and until the designation is published, there are three places you should report.  First, you should report any facts that you suspect may evidence abuse to the police.  Make sure you document the report.  Second, if it involves sexual misconduct, you should report it to the U.S. Center for Safe Sport:, (720) 524-5640.  Third, if it is for non-sexual misconduct, you should report it to USA Wrestling through its membership system or at 719-598-8181.

Safe Sport Training

In addition, the U.S. Center for SafeSport has made the SafeSport training available at no cost to all members of National Governing Bodies like USA Wrestling. USA Wrestling coach and officials members, along with other specific volunteers and staff, must take this training in order to become members. However, we encourage all adults who are involved in wrestling and other sports activities to receive this training.

In order to access the free training, all users should go to You must first have a free account, and once an account is created, you should create or claim your previous profile in USA Wrestling’s membership system. When viewing your profile, you will see the link to the SafeSport certification.

The SafeSport training has three modules that must be completed: 1) Mandatory Reporting; 2) Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education; 3) Emotional and Physical Misconduct. Upon completion of all three modules of this training, your USA Wrestling membership profile will show your SafeSport certification.

These requirements are serious obligations and are not mere "check the box" requirements.  If you fail to report suspected abuse as required under the federal law, you will subject yourself to civil liability for damages to anyone who is hurt by your failure to report, and those damages start at $150,000 plus attorney fees.

More important, doing everything in your power to prevent child abuse is the right thing to do.

Please let us know if we can do anything to help.

Bruce Baumgartner   Rich Bender
USA Wrestling President   USA Wrestling Executive Director