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Clubs Hosting 2022.2023 Tournaments Please Read

By ISWA, 06/01/22, 12:30PM EDT



Due to scheduling issues, the ISWA has updated the Tournament Bid Policies to eliminate some of the issues. Below are the key points of the new policies.

  • Events MUST be bid using the Tournament Bid Form in order to be sanctioned. Exceptions for extreme hardship will be considered, but not guaranteed.
  • To change an event date to a date not submitted on the bid form, proof of hardship must be given as well as a suitable alternative date.
  • All changes from dates not on the bid form will go before the Tournament Bid Change subcommittee.
  • All decisions by the Tournament Bid Change subcommittee are final.

A recommendation for clubs looking to change dates is to work with your section director and the other clubs in the area hosting events to find a reasonable solution. In the interest of growing the sport and providing the most opportunities for competition in each section, it is also recommended to work together prior to the Annual Meeting to determine the best schedule of events for everyone. This will reduce event conflicts and keep a full schedule of events for the athletes.