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Folkstyle Coaches

By Danny Struck, 02/05/19, 3:15PM EST


Just want to remind you all to make sure you background check and coaches memberships are up to date before the folkstyle season gets any heavier on you!  It is my hope that all that are so heavily involved in folkstyle will stick around until freestyle and greco "OLYMPIC SEASON".   As a head coach it is truly my favorite time of the year.  It blows me away that it is in decline.  Four reasons off the top of my head that I love Olympic styles so much

1) it is the style the rest of the world uses

2) it is the style our more successful NCAA Champions use in their offseason training

3) All other sports use modified rules in their off-season (football goes 7 on 7, baseball will change innings and outfield numbers, basketball will do 3-on-3, etc...)

4) Prevent kid and coach burnout!!

Olympic styles have also got me to visit 23 countries, there is only 1 country that does folkstyle.  We like to tell our wrestlers "see the world through wrestling!"

TO DO's/ Be Aware:

A) make sure your coaches in your club - ANY PARENT ON THE MAT - has done their background check and get their card.  Truly no parent on the mat should be without, or your insurance through USAW could be voided.

 B) Get your Bronze or Copper on line to be able to coach at Folkstyle  state finals - or take it with us at Folkstyle state: :

C) Get involved in your local RTC (Regional Training Center), we want these to evolve into a special place kids grow together across the state.  Coaches wanting to go on ISWA trips gain more "clout" by attending these events!

D) Push your kids to take summer ISWA Trips!!! We have some truly awesome trips that kids gain valuable life and mat experience!  While as a coach I love our Jeff wrestling team trips, I also love to see kids grow with other kids from accross the state.  It brings more back to my room.  Take a look at these trips:

E) Do you want to go on a trip as a coach?  You must have your background check, USAW coaches card, be participating in state events, and RTC's - fill out the application here:

F) Please take a look at Indiana's Gladiator series - it is something your club schedule might want to get involved in!



The ISWA has amended it's Freestyle State Qualification Policy for this 2019 season to allow for just one of the two ISWA sanctioned freestyle tournament pre-requisites to be substituted with one of the following national tournaments:

·       NHSCA High School Nationals,  USAW Folkstyle National Championships,   FloNationals, NWCA National Scholastic Duals.  Heartland USA National Duals (waiver for Cadets only), The Dream Team Classic, UWW Junior National Championships

While the ISWA is still working to provide support member clubs hosting sorely needed Freestyle (and Greco) competitions,  we are making this adjustment in an effort to support our more ambitious athletes as they seek out higher levels of competition during this time period where many national competitions are scheduled.  (NOTE: there is only a 2-meet pre-req for Freestlyle State, not Greco State.)

H) IHSWCA Spring Clinic May 10th at UINDY - Clinician TBA

Congratulations to our Indiana coaches who have met the highest levels of NCEP USAW Coaches Certification.  If you believe that you are certified at the Silver or Gold level.  Please contact me so we have you in our archives. 


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